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On my fridge I see written DIGITAL INVERTER  What is it exactly ?

An inverter transforms a direct current (DC)  into an alternative  current(AC)


In your refrigerator there is a circuit making an alternating current for the sole purpose of controlling the speed of the compressor. The compressor is a big engine. The frequency of the alternating current controls its speed.  The faster it spins, the cooler it gets.

As the frequency is digitally generated, the motor speed has quartz precision!

In addition, hidden in the walls, there are temperature sensors. They are machines the size of a big matchbox, their precision is a tenth of a degree. According to their indications, the speed of the compressor is permanently adjusted

Thanks to this mechanism, refrigerators are quieter and more efficient.



During  Shabbat,  INVERTER  poses a huge problem! As soon as you open the door, the temperature rises and the compressor speed reacts instantly!

I tremble at the idea of ​​a world where SHAON-SHANA does not exist!

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