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  • SHAON-SHANA knows the date and times of Chabats and festivals until 2088!

  • you tell her the times you want to open the refrigerator door, she will remember it.

  • no need to activate it on Friday, it turns on by itself!

  • SHAON-SHANA completely turns off the refrigerator when the moment arrives  you can open his door.

  • a beautiful green light tells you when you have the right to open the refrigerator door.

  • a beautiful red lamp lets you know when you are not allowed to do so.

and more ...

  • she gives you the time

  • She is  easy to program

  • thanks to its integrated battery, it keeps in memory the time and the date, as well as all your programming indications.

  • it displays the number of minutes you have left  before the lamp changes color.

  • one minute before the green light turns red, it  flash it

  • If a child plays with it, it doesn't get messy easily.

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