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  • SHAON-SHANA knows the date of haggim and Shabbat, you no longer risk a transgression  due to an oversight.

  • The light indications are clear,  without risk of being mistaken. This is not the case with a timer placed in a sunny kitchen. Excessive ambient light can cause you to break Shabbat!

  • The luminous indications appear on the refrigerator door and not on the electrical outlet.

  • You see the exact number of minutes you have left to access the interior of the refrigerator.

  • Programming is easy, and flexible

  • In the event of a power cut, the time and your programming are retained.

  • Electrical safety is reinforced.

  • No need for a visible extension cord.

  • If a child plays with the buttons, there is little chance that he will mess up the program.

The list is not exhaustive...

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