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This is the worst thing to do!

When the door is closed, the refrigerator adjusts its temperature to the nearest tenth of a degree. If you open the door, he no longer tries to adjust the temperature, it would be a waste of time. It starts a stopwatch to warn you after a minute with a beep that the door is open, and that it is not a good thing to leave it like that.

If you make him believe with magnets that his door is closed when it is wrong, he will fully accelerate the compressor to get closer to an unattainable temperature.

A bit like a novice motorist who would fully press the accelerator while his front wheels are spinning!

By pretending that the fridge door is closed, we lose on two points

  • We  offense Chabat 100%, because the temperature increases, and we directly accelerate the engine.

  • We damage the  refrigerator by making it run beyond its limits.

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